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  • Rafik Riad

E10 | Christal Earle on Choosing The Story You Will Believe

Seth Godin once said that the most powerful story we will ever tell is the one we tell ourselves. This has been the theme of Christal's journey as an entrepreneur, a mom, and a leader.

In this homegrown episode, Rafik flips the questions over to Christal and chats with her about her journey, her challenges, and most of all, about what it has meant for her to say, "I Can Do Something About This".

Rafik and Christal talk about:

  • Christal's early years co-founding a Canadian youth humanitarian charity and how that led to launching Brave Soles

  • Some of the deep challenges of her family's 10.5 year journey to Canada and dealing with disappointments and unrealized trauma

  • What she relies on to make difficult daily choices

  • How to remember the vision that got you to where you are.


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