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E09 | Jennie Coleman on The Only Banana You Should Buy

Did you know that a simple choice at the grocery store about the humble banana is actually a powerful force for change?

Meet Jennie Coleman, Owner and President of Equifruit.

Jennie Coleman has been owner/president of Equifruit since 2013. She combines a lengthy career in business with longstanding social justice roots, set during two years’ volunteer work in Namibia in the mid-90s.

She loves fair trade for its pragmatic approach to sustainable business.

She loves Equifruit for... the fruit (YUM!), the farmers, and the fact that something as simple as eating a fair trade banana can have such a positive impact on someone’s life and community.

In this episode we talk with Jennie about some staggering truths:

  • How Jennie stumbled upon a great fair trade business idea.

  • How Jennie's experience working in Namibia gave her insight about how economic activity can change lives in any community

  • Learning to understand the size of the problem you want to address

  • How to break down the truth of what fair trade is able to help create for families and communities

  • The challenge of building something when you don't have the background in that business and how to apply what you know to what you see in front of you

  • How to think about our choices in simple ways that may surprise us

Check out EQUIFRUIT and fall in love with bananas all over again - we promise!


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