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E08 | Tiffany Asamoah on The Place Where Representation and Sustainability Can Meet

Wondering how a brand that focuses on representation and sustainability makes it happen? Us too. So that's why we wanted to chat with Tiffany Asamoah!

Tiffany Asamoah knows what it’s like to solve problems, scale projects and build meaningful relationships. She has led in many Fortune 50 Organizations as a Sales and Technical leader. As an experienced leader Tiffany found her passion in creating unique solutions for underserved groups. As an African American women she knows how important it is to have representation. Leveraging her career and Masters in Project Management, she set out to grow herself creatively.

That’s how BOLD Swim came about. The Vanity Fair & Glamour featured BOLD Swim was established to change the conversation around inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and self-love.

The forward-thinking brand thrives by capitalizing on the latest in sustainable technology. Leveraging partnerships with like-minded affiliates and blogs such as EcoCult, The Good Trade, and more, BOLD Swim strives to bring eco-conscious, inclusive swimwear to empower those to live their lives BOLDY.

Each piece is sustainably sourced and ethically produced to fit the ethos of a consciously curated closet by a female-led company dedicated to giving back. BOLD Swim supports initiatives that include the empowerment of girls and women, rights for equality and the advancement of sustainable technology, and organizations working to establish social impact and eco-tourism measures.


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