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E06 | Ryan Berg on How A Conscious Business Offers Dignity For Everyone

Thinking you have a great idea is one thing. However, understanding how to give that idea the space to grow in a way that builds trust and hope is a very different journey. Ryan and the team at Aruna Project are such a great example of how to do this well.

Ryan Berg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aruna Project, an athleisure brand creating lifelong freedom for victims of sex trafficking through employment marked by holistic care.

Ryan’s experiences ranges from Education – teaching young men in juvenile detention, serving communities in interior China, and lecturing to thousands across the US on the issue of human trafficking, to Social Entrepreneurship – creating the Aruna Project producing functional luxury bags and accessories made in freedom by women freed from sex trafficking.

He has conquered the Great Wall, survived a street fight in India, got the shake down from the Turkish police, held a world record, competed against NBA all-stars, all with the common thread of serving the marginalized.

He serves on the Freedom Business Alliance Board of Directors. He is a Praxis fellow. He is married to his high school sweetheart, April, has three children and a pooch named Petey.


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