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E04 | Alexa Jovanovic on A New Standard of Inclusion

If you are inspired by how to make the world more just and inclusive, then you are going to want to hear from Alexa.

Alexa Jovanovic is a braille fashion designer and the founder of emerging designer fashion brand, Aille Design (pronounced: eye).

Aille Design works alongside the blind and visually impaired community to create fashion with braille that is fully legible and customizable. Each design is handmade in North America with premium fabrics and crystal pearls. Their pieces can be used for the functionality of the legible braille, can be dressed up as a unique fashion statement, or worn to initiate conversation about braille and the importance of accessibility.

Aille Design has a partnership with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and donates 5% of profits to the organization.

In this episode, Alexa and Christal talk about:

  • Alexa's recognition of how fashion is awakening to diversity and inclusivity - and all the challenges that still exist in the industry

  • What we mean when we talk about the effects of exclusion

  • Alexa's experience learning how to appreciate the perspective of visually disabled people and their lived reality with fashion and navigating the world.

  • The questions that we can be brave enough to ask ourselves about equality and inclusion

  • The opportunity for business to be less transactional and more transformational

  • What does true "accessibility" mean in our lives and the world we are building.

  • Alexa's perspective on taking disability into consideration right from the beginning of how we build, design and interact.

  • What great design can provide for all of us

  • Questioning if our experience is the "norm"

  • Alexa's number one tip on being an ally and what is NOT appropriate.

  • How make your own business more accessible for the disability community starting today


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