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E03 | Laurinda Lee-Retter on Creating a Business That Truly Makes An Impact

If you have ever wondered how a business model that is making impact in the most direct way possible REALLY works, you will want to hear what Laurinda has to say!

Laurinda Lee-Retter founded Kind Karma through her personal experience with the lack of meaningful employment while recovering from mental illness.

Although she always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, Laurinda worked in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant for almost a decade prior to launching Kind Karma and as a retail manager before that.

Despite her career choices, Laurinda has always depended on art and creativity as a therapeutic outlet and attended Indiana University in pursuit of a career in music.

Now, she channels that creative energy into designing beautiful pieces of jewelry that also enable vulnerable youth to create brighter futures.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Laurinda's journey and personal mental health challenges that inspired Kind Karma

  • Why she chose to work with at risk youth to build her company

  • How she learned to question her assumptions around working with vulnerable youth

  • Learning to define ways to do better

  • How Kind Karma is providing a unique opportunity

  • Ways to take action in our own ideas to create social change


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