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E02 | Jennifer Harper on A Vision That Can Be Shared

Get ready for an awakening around business, harmony and the power of a vision that's rooted in honesty, honour, and love.

Christal and Rafik talk to Jennifer Harper, founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty.

In this episode, we hear about how Jenn's journey through recovery and loss shaped her dream into reality.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How losing her brother to suicide gave Jenn a vision for creating a different future for indigenous youth

  • What it means to use Life Cycle Thinking in her beauty brand

  • What recycling really means

  • How Jenn has woven her Anishnawbe cultural values into everything they do

  • What the 7 Generations teachings mean for product development

  • How business success looks in indigenous community

  • How to support and grow indigenous led brands

  • What motivates Jenn every single morning

  • Exciting innovation projects that Cheekbone has now launched

  • How to be clear on what you can afford to do where you are, right now

  • The dream that started it all and why it still means so much today

An award-winning social entrepreneur, Jenn Harper is the founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty is a digitally native direct to consumer brand that is helping Indigenous youth see themselves in a beauty brand while using the concept of Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in the brands ethos and in developing products. Creating a new segment in the beauty industry - Sustainable Socially Conscious Beauty.

Jennifer Harper has been making a name for herself in the beauty industry for a number of years but has been gaining popularity quickly after being on the hit CBC show, Dragons Den in 2019. Cheekbone Beauty’s mission is to help every Indigenous youth see and feel their enormous value in the world while creating sustainable cosmetics.


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