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Having been friends for over a decade, Christal & Rafik have now joined forces to share the stories and journeys that inspire them the most.

Both hosts have worked with social enterprises for the longevity of their careers. However,  sharing stories that inspired them over the years with a glass of wine no longer felt like enough. They wanted to share their knowledge, expertise, and the journeys of others they have met along the way with a like minded community. 

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Christal Earle

Christal Earle has been a lifelong social entrepreneur. As the co-founder of LiveDifferent, an international youth humanitarian charity, she was first introduced to landfill workers in vulnerable parts of the world.


What started out as a passion for social equality has grown into a love for people and the planet. In 2017 she launched Brave Soles with $250, working with local artisans in the DominicanRepublic.


Brave Soles creates handcrafted shoes with upcycled tire soles and is focused on providing opportunities for their customers and fans to love the story behind what they own. Christal is also a professional coach who mentors and coaches social entrepreneurs.


Rafik Riad

At the age of 12, Rafik, originally from Egypt, went on a school trip to Cairo’s garbage collectors community where he witnessed first hand the devastating impact poverty and social exclusion had on the community.


Determined to do something about it, Rafik studied and worked globally in the field of international development and poverty alleviation.


In 2011, Rafik moved to Canada and founded SALT, a fair trade social enterprise that worked with communities in Africa and Latin America. Rafik’s appreciation for social enterprise, as a business model that circumvents both the volatility of traditional development frameworks, led him to found Buy Good. Feel Good. in 2014.

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