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People who take ideas and transform them into something that makes our world a better place fascinate us.


I Can Do Something About This
With Christal Earle & Rafik Riad

Join us for conversations with social entrepreneurs, change makers, and visionaries who have taken ideas from a simple thought into a real model for change. 
I Can Do Something About This exists to share stories, skills, and experiences to motivate, inspire, and educate listeners everywhere.    


Rafik Riad

Buy Good. Feel Good. Founder


Christal Earle

Brave Soles Founder

Snippets From Our Latest Episodes

Are you interested in the stories and issues behind building a sustainable, fair world?

 Are you curious to learn more about the issues surrounding how that change can happen?

Are you inspired by ideas AND the path to putting those ideas into action?

Tune in for stories that take world-changing ideas and make them a reality. 


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